Computer Viruses and Their Removal

The Internet has totally changed the whole method of communication and now the world seems as an area without any boundary. It is true that computers have effectively changed our lives. But the computers are prone to virus infections. The main reason of increasing virus intrusions is the increasing popularity of computer usage and its importance.

A virus can easily intrude into a computer through a data storage device that may carry infected data. If a computer is not having an antivirus software installed in it, and is connected to infected device, then the chances of virus intrusion are quite high.

What is a malicious software or computer virus?


A computer virus or malicious software is a set of programs, which can easily copy itself and hence infect your computer with its clone. If any file on the network gets infected by the virus, then the virus can spread very easily. It is due to the fact that the file can easily be accessed on any other computers too.

What is computer virus removal (Antivirus) software?


Antivirus software is a program that is used to detect and delete malicious software like viruses from a computer.

Usually, the antivirus software uses two methods to detect the viruses. One is via virus signatures, and other one is via computer’s memory (RAM), hard drives, floppy drives. Both the methods protect your computer from the viruses stored in the computer database.

The second method is more effective as it can detect those novel viruses that antivirus security vendors have yet to create a signature for. It is based on a heuristic algorithm to find out viruses based on common behaviors.

A computer user can easily download and install McAfee antivirus software from the Internet and protect the computer. Although it is very easy to download software for viruses, but it should always be done under an expert’s guidance.

People who don’t find it easy to download and launch an McAfee antivirus software can take help from McAfee antivirus support phone number 1800-243-0051. If you are also facing issues in deleting virus from your computer, then you can leave your comments below.



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