A Comparison between Antivirus and Firewall

Both antivirus and firewall are the tools providing security to your important information stored in your system from malware and hackers. To know which of them more effective security tool is, continue to read.

Antivirus as a security tool


When you access any file from the hard drive, removable disk, or the internet, the antivirus, while at the background scans all of those to check for infections for effective removal. If you require scanning your whole system, the antivirus can be used here also. As this software scans the drives that store data and individual files to remove potential threats, it should be regularly updated to prevent any sort of data loss or drive corruption.

Firewall as a security tool


A firewall monitors all the traffic coming in and going out of your system. This implies that you don’t require a firewall for a PC that does not have an internet connection. It conceals your PC from the view of the hackers by closing all the ports that are not used and blocking all the unexpected connection attempts. It can also stop destructive software from connecting to the net. When a new program attempts to connect to the net, majority of firewalls will notify you and give you an option of either blocking it or setting up the connection (unfortunately Windows firewall lacks this feature). What more, now you have Next Generation Firewalls (NGFs) to stay better covered and relax.

A comparative analysis of antivirus and firewall

Thus, the firewall protection will keep a check on hackers from accessing you system or network and also on the entry of viruses and other malware. But, what if a virus accesses your system from CD, USB, other systems on the network or you may even have downloaded a virus accidently or unknowingly. The firewall test won’t be able to detect the malware when it is getting downloaded or installed (but only when it is sending out information in the form of files). In all these situations, you would require antivirus software, which also give security against Spywares.

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Which tool should you opt for?

In a nutshell, you need a firewall to stop the hackers and malicious programs from accessing your system and sending out information. On the other hand, if your system is already infected then you need antivirus software to identify and remove it from your system.

Since both antivirus and firewall are important for the security of your sensitive data, you need both. This should not scare you, as you need not spend huge amount of money in their installations. You can download any one of the numerous free programs available on the net for the purpose at an almost unnoticeable reduction of speed of your system.

In case you find any problem with respect to the use of these security tools, call our McAfee antivirus support phone number 1800-243-0051 toll-free, it’s depending upon what you need.


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