Precautions when using the Wi-Fi in a hotel while on vacation

With more and more hotels offering free Wi-Fi services may be tempted to take your laptop on vacation, but careful when working open networks are used.

Having Wi-Fi is something magnificent, being out there in your hotel room or on the beach, to hang pictures on Facebook and enjoy giving your friends a comment in real time how well it’s going while they are stuck waiting for a bus in the rain. It is well to keep up with all the news and sports without having to pay 3 euros for a fine version of a dodgy newspaper that normally would not dream of buying if you were back at home.


There are dangers when connected in a network of open work, especially now that piracy is a big and huge networks open work as those found in hotels business are a fertile hunting ground for hackers looking for personal information.

McAfee Technical Support recommends the following precautions for extra security while on holiday:

PC users

  1. Make sure you have an updated antivirus program and it has a firewall, as that has McAfee Total Protection subscription.
  2. Make sure your bank or financial passwords are different from other passwords. Do not keep your passwords to connect automatically.
  3. Before connecting, ask for the exact name of the Wi-Fi you want to connect, so that is not connected to a hacker instead.
  4. Disconnect automatic connection to a network so that your computer will not connect without your knowledge. (Also saves battery life).
  5. Connect only to banking or financial pages when you have a secure connection like home.

Mac users

  1. Make sure your bank or financial passwords are different from other passwords. Do not save passwords to connect automatically!
  2. Check your settings:

Go to network Preferences> By Default> join “preferred networks”. Create your preferred network SSID’s to include only trusted sources.

  • Then click on “Options” and make sure “ask before joining an open network” is selected.
  • Check the “Require Administrator Password to change networks” and uncheck the option to automatically add new networks to the preferred list.


In case you find any problem with respect to the use of these security tools, call our McAfee antivirus support phone number 1800-243-0051 toll-free, it’s depending upon what you need.


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