Why do I need an antivirus software?

Antivirus software protects your computer against infection and people who use computers to send and receive emails or surf the web addresses. Yet, as it addresses all kinds of people, we can say that we all benefit from having a good antivirus protection.


Computer viruses are almost as long ago as computers. They are basically small computer programs that find a way into the computer without the user’s knowledge. They take out entering the computer through an infected website or an email and once installed, it can spread like a real virus, through their contacts and infect their friends and colleagues.

Your options to be infected by a virus, also known as malware (literally malicious software), they are influenced greatly by how you use the Internet. The longer visiting new websites, clicking on video players and the more documents attempt to discharge, the greater the risk that one of them contains hidden malicious software. Open emails from unknown sources also carries a high risk of infection.

Once infected, the consequences depend on the particular malware. Some viruses simply slow down your computer and interfere in their operating systems while using your computer as a springboard for other purposes. Others are more dangerous to you since they are sent to find private information on your computer such as passwords, names and addresses, bank details etc., which are then sold to another entity, usually criminal gangs and they in turn sell the information to fraudsters.

Other viruses are designed to damage the hard drive of your computer. Why are there and who in the

By installing McAfee antivirus software on your computer is the most effective way to protect your computer, laptop, android and mac while browsing the Internet.  Still, if you face any difficulty, feel free to get in touch with the McAfee Technical support.


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