The rise of cybercrime – McAfee Technical Support

John Hillman report on a new generation of technological criminals who are climbing the leagues great crime – and changed guns for computers.

The Internet has given rise to a new type of criminal who is capable of stealing money on a scale of unimaginable proportions.


A USA news says that a 28-year-old Albert Gonzalez, known as “soupnazi,” pleaded guilty to 19 counts of digital theft. The criminal hacked into a number of known US companies exploiting flaws in their security systems, and took more than 40 million credit cards.

Once in possession of the information sold most of the details of the credit card to other criminals, but only after saving the best for it. These were cloned and used to withdraw huge amounts of money from ATMs.

Gonzalez faces 45 years in prison. The fact that escaped from prison in 2003 for his role as a member of the “shadow of the crew” because being an informer of offenders against their peers, means that they can expect mercy soon to court when they come to condemn in December.



However, worldwide there are thousands of criminals who are willing to do the same. In parts in Eastern Europe there are gangs of criminals taking more than 34 million dollars every month through cybercrime.

McAfee’s chief executive, David DeWatt, has given the news that cybercrime has officially surpassed the illegal drug trade in overall value, believing it is now worth $ 105 billion each year.

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