Learn How Computer Virus Scanning Works for You

Not all malware are related to virus attack, which makes computer issues such as DLL file error, Blue Screen issue and others hard to troubleshoot. The first step to address such issues is through routine scanning. Doing this is very important for the smooth functioning of your computer and laptop. Performing such tasks also saves you from becoming victim to cyber hack.


For the next step which is, to ease your trouble to determine the type of malware defection you might be experiencing, here is a guide to keep a tab on your computer for any virus attack.

Detect a Virus Intrusion by Observing Your Computer for three Simple Tips

  1. Performance:

Monitoring the performance of your computer from time to time can enable you to detect any virus infestation at the earliest. However, the slow performance by your computer can result from low disk space; yet, virus attack cannot be ruled out. Checking out the availability of space or RAM is what you should do followed by a scan check of the computer.

  1. Unexpected Messages from your System:

Unexpected messages that you receive from your system are caused by damage that is done by the attack of a virus. The damage done by antivirus can also lead your computer to shut down or restart automatically while you are still working on your system.

  1. Check if Your Modem or Hard disk is Working Overtime:

Whenever your modem or hard disks gets infected due to virus attack, the mentioned devices tend to work over time. However, other factors could also be involved behind such a symptom, yet damage by virus attack cannot be ruled out either.

You Can Also Use Software to Check Virus Attack by Running a Scan of Your Computer

You can install or download antivirus software and use the software to scan your computer. The antivirus software is designed to scan and fix the bug infestations of the device.

If you want to know how scan your computer follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click the right tab of the mouse on the Icon of your Antivirus software.
  • Select “navigate to scan” and start.

If you are using a Windows Operating System,

Close any programs that might be open
Click on the Start button
Click Run
Type the command “SFC /SCANNOW” in the Run box
Click the “OK” button

Regular check and scanning of your computer or laptop is highly recommended by experts. If you want to learn more about securing your device, you can contact our online McAfee Technical Support.



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