Protecting Children from the Dangers of the Internet.

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In the news recently, we all saw how easy it was for a teenage child to go missing. People (adults and children alike) are meeting up with others via Internet chat rooms, and can easily be deceived as to their true identity. This scenario is becoming more and more prevalent.


As reported by CNN, experts say the case of a 12-year old British schoolgirl who ran away with a U.S. Marine she met over the Internet highlights the dangers of Internet chat rooms for children.

Even if you are just using Internet chat rooms for fun, you need to be careful with your personal details, and anything which could identify you in the real world e.g. your surname, the suburb you live in. Unfortunately it seems as if nothing will ever put an end to this. We can, however, dramatically reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Here are a few simple guidelines you can follow to help protect both yourself and your children.

Parents / Children: Don’t give out your real name, email address, age, phone number, address or school.

Parents / Children: Sign up using a nickname.

Parents / Children: Set up a Hotmail account (or some other disposable email address) if you wish to communicate outside the chat room.

Parents / Children: If you or your children decide to meet someone in the real world, make sure you have a mobile phone with you, and always tell someone what you’re doing and always accompany children.

Parents: Keep the PC in a central spot where all of the family has access

Parents: Try to share the participation experience with your children. Get to know the software your children are using.

Parents: Use filtering software to assist in keeping yourself and your children safe while online.

Children: Always check that your parent/carer is happy for you to enter a chat room.

Children: If there is a problem, let your parent/carer know what’s happening and report it to the chat service provider. Save any conversations you think could prove someone is bullying or harassing you.

Filtering Software.
The use of filtering software can protect the information you and your children can send and view.

McAfee Parental Controls is your complete solution to protecting children from the Dangers of the Internet.



Identity Protection
McAfee Parental Controls can secure your personal identification and financial information (name, phone number, address, credit card and bank account numbers), and prevent these and other specified pieces of information about you or your family from being transmitted out over the Internet without your permission, enhancing your privacy and helping to protect your identity.

Filters Chat

McAfee Parental Controls offers chat filtering protection for both instant messaging and chat rooms. Your child won’t be exposed to unsuitable discussion or send personal information inadvertently.

Blocks Web Sites

With McAfee Parental Controls you are able to control the content you feel is inappropriate. Customise the objectionable word list and web site list to your needs so that you can be the judge of the content that you allow or disallow.

Easy Override

If a web page gets wrongly blocked, simply put in the master password to allow access always or for one time only. This ensures complete customisation.

Allows Multiple Users

Set up as many users as you want with McAfee Parental Controls. Each user has his/ her own user id and password for protection.

Internet Access Times

Set Internet time limits with McAfee Parental Controls. Stop children from being on the Internet when they shouldn’t be.

Activity logs 

Easily track a user’s activity with the activity logs. These are only presented to the master user so that no one else is able to tamper with them.

More Information

McAfee Technical Support (USA)

Free Call (USA): 1800 243 0051



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