How Hackers Take Possession of Your Password Security

The topic of hacking has become very famous with the increase in integration between online technology and consumers’ financial lives. The subject of hacking has never been more important than it is today.

People think that a good password is the most effective technique in protecting you data. But remember that there are a lot of sophisticated hackers, who not always guess the password, but, can also lift the password from social networks.

Below mentioned are some of the techniques that hackers use in order to steal a password.

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen


The hackers send fake email that looks like to be from a reputed site. For example, the hackers may send you an email from Amazon requesting to change your password. When you click on the link, you are redirected to the phishing site and falls into the trap. Therefore always check whether the URL is correct or not.


Brute Force Attacks:

Brute force attack means guessing the password for every possible combination of letters, numbers, and other characters. The hacker keeps on guessing the password until he matches the right password.

Brute force attacks are used to crack encrypted (or hashed) passwords that hackers gain from backdoor exploits or website hacks.

Follow these steps in order to be safe from brute force attack:

Always change the password as soon as you know that your website has been hacked.

Always use strong and long password combinations.

Don’t use the same password in multiple websites. Once a hacker gets access to an account, the first thing they do is check if the same password works with other accounts using the same email address.

Answering Security Questions:

This is the most used password hacking technique in which the hacker answers the security questions and hack multiple of your accounts.

The best way to guard yourself from this type of hacking method is by answering the questions that are totally random and even your close one’s can’t guess.  But remember that it should not be that random that even you forgot it.

Rats and Keyloggers:

In this method, the hacker monitors each and activity on the user’s PC and records every keystroke using Keyloggers. In order to beware from this technique, never log in to your bank account in a cyber café. If you are using it at your home, then use the virtual keyboard while entering the password.


By knowing these techniques and their countermeasures, you can keep yourself safe from the hackers who are keeping their eye on your computer. If you are not able to take these countermeasures, then you can contact online McAfee internet security experts by dialing our toll free McAfee antivirus support number (800) 243-0051.

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