Enjoy a Malware Protected Browsing Experience

Right from personal documents and entertainment files to sensitive information, your computer is a storehouse of all sorts of critical data. What has further made computer the most important gadget is the internet, which not only holds a large amount of data but also is the most engaging source to spend time. Have you ever wondered what kind of risks does it entail? Internet tools like emails, social media and malicious websites hold the possible threats like viruses and malicious websites. Howsoever, well-guarded are your software, these bugs simply hit your system unaware. While ‘virus’ is a generic word, used to describe all kinds of infections in a computer, the exact term is ‘malware’.

So, we know that there is no way to avert malware, but how can you find out that your system is struck by one so that you can take the desired malware protection.

Your PC is infected: The Symptoms

You need to stay alert even if an antivirus supports your computer. In case your antivirus is not updated, it might fail to catch the symptoms. Here are some important hints or symptoms reflecting your PC has an infection.

  • Homepage and search engine hijacking that redirects your homepage to malicious websites.
  • Pop-ups
  • If your computer crashes, malware could be a possible reason.
  • Unfamiliar programs and toolbars
  • Slow online and offline speed
  • Inability of the browser to load pages

If you now feel that your system is not protected, then here are some easy steps to ensure that your PC is safe from malware and other online threats.

Take an exhaustive back up

Taking a backup is necessary but ensure that you are not including the malware too. Be selective in copying files to your back up folder.

Break the internet connect

Internet is the most obvious source of malware. So, it is a must to disconnect it whether you are working through a desktop, wireless or Wi-Fi.

Use Safe mode to boot

Safe mode does not allow any unwarranted content to get booted. You can do so by pressing the F8 key while restarting the computer. It gives you the option of starting in the safe mode. Click your selection and get a malware protection started.

Keep your help at hand

Keep an internet-connected computer next to you so that you can browse through the malware issues, their symptoms and possible solutions.

Nip the issue in the bud

Understand the exact nature of the problem and hunt for a related solution.

Do a thorough scan

Use varied scan checks to ensure that the viruses are completely flushed out from your system.

Cut the clutter out

Remove the unwanted files as they are likely to attract malware.

Update your system

Last but not the least update your system antivirus and scans. You can use McAfee Antivirus Protection.

To more Information, user can contact at McAfee antivirus support number +1800-243-0051.

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