McAfee Mobile Security for Android: The Performance Speaks for Itself

McAfee security & Antivirus is no novice with regards to fighting myriad threats inside the form of malware or maybe residing entities like thieves. The app promises to shoot down your worries through a strong defense constituted of a huge variety of capabilities that include the whole lot from reliable antivirus protection, web shield, app control, and call/SMS blockading to data backup, remote wipe and device tracking. McAfee surely gives you a very good motive to put faith in its security app, however ought to you without a doubt does that and does the app stay up to expectations? Read on to find your solutions in this complete overview of McAfee Mobile Security.

Real Time Protection

McAfee is well aware of a threat’s tendency to attack at any time, which is why it works round to clock to protect your gadget while staying in the shadows. Fortunately, the protection doesn’t come at the price of system performance, as the app doesn’t put a great deal of burden on the processor, RAM or even battery for that matter.

Web Shield

Browsing the internet on phone devices is becoming a norm, thus making the platform an appealing target for hackers and malicious coders. McAfee offers a solid defense in opposition to the risk in the shape of web shield. The tool blocks access to volatile or fraudulent websites from texts, emails, QR codes and social networking websites, hence saving you from falling sufferer to the various traps that may were laid out and letting you surf the web optimistically.

App Managers

Similar to windows Task Manager for the computer, App manager lets you view details of the established apps, including the permissions they enjoy on the device. The characteristic gives you a great concept approximately what the special apps are doing to your device and if they pose any form of threat to your safety and privateness.

Remote Locking

Together with your Android wearing a considerable quantity of your existence’s happenings in it, the usefulness of a protection within the shape of remote locking truly cannot be overstated. The function lets you prevent unsolicited access to your device and the information on it in case you neglect it somewhere or lose it to a thief. McAfee’s security app does the process of protective your records simply as you will want it to.


Acknowledging the severity of the hazard posed by using thieves, McAfee has included the tool monitoring feature into its security app to reinforce your sense of protection. Even in case your tool receives swiped, you’d never sincerely lose it, because the feature helps you to song its area and even map it on the map. You may additionally music inserted SIM cards and call calls through remote SMS intimation, or remotely wipe your statistics to keep it from falling into the wrong palms. Of path, you can retrieve it later via the net portal, supplied you sponsored it up. McAfee sure does upload lots of comfort to the undertaking of locating a stolen or even lost tool.

Customer Support

Mobile security can be tricky, and the apps designed for the job don’t exactly make the whole thing any simpler, especially for the technologically impaired. It’s a good thing that McAfee attempts to tackle the problem by offering a reliable McAfee customer support through chat, email and call. When faced with a problem that’s putting your technical knowledge to test, you can call at McAfee antivirus support number +1-800-243-0051


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