What to Block Online for Your Children

Letting your children use the internet is highly important. The internet is a fantastic learning tool and one that can broaden a child understands of the world and makes them more tolerant and educated. This is the equivalent of having a library that your children actually want to use and this is something that you should of course actively encourage. The problem is of course the amount of dangerous information and adult content on the web that makes it a concern for you to let your child use the computer.

Fortunately McAfee tech support can help, and if you use these services then they will help you to find ways to make your computer safer and to monitor your child’s use of the internet. You can do this with computer monitoring software for instance that will let you see what your child is doing online, and by using parental control which will allow you to block certain websites and searches from the computer.


The question then is how best to implement these resources in order to keep your children safe online. Well first of all you should be able to get some advice on this matter from your technical support company and they can help you to use your parental control software and your computer monitoring to its best effect. Likewise the parental control software will have some of its own suggestions as to what you should block and how you should use it and this can help you greatly as well to get started. Try searching online for tips and you will be able to find lists of keywords and of websites that are sensible to block using parental controls. Some suggestions you can use right away for keywords and search terms to block are swearwords and profanities, sexual term and any references to anything illegal. Make sure though to be careful what you block and not to be too ‘trigger happy’ as if you were to block a word like ‘bottom’ you would end up blocking hundreds of perfectly innocent sites as well. Try surfing the web for a while with the settings on yourself and see if it prevents you from using it normally.

Another tip is to use your computer monitoring software, and your browser history, in order to inform you on how you should use the parental controls. Don’t tell your children that you are monitoring their use of the net as this can be offensive and it may lead them to try and find ways around it. Rather just note what they look at, and if anything strikes you as unhealthy or unsafe then simply use the parental controls to block it.

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