Can you help me remember my passwords please?

5 Apps that make the cut

Each time I log into my personal email account, bank account, blog or any social networking site, I have to type 8 to 10 character password jumbled with upper cases, special characters, numbers and what not. Result is a massive confusion and more often than not forgetting the password. These days you can download some handy apps that can help you safeguard your log in information and keep it in one place. Let us browse through some of these saviors:



Want to import your Chrome password? Use Dashlane, a mobile and web app that comes in a very user-friendly manner without the clumsy toolbars. Dashlane makes use of auto logins and in inclusive of security alerts, built-in digital wallet to channelize your online purchases. It even stores automatic screenshots of your purchases.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Androids, Dashlane’s premium version can be downloaded at an annual subscription of $19.99 per year. This version also gives additional secure cloud backup and web access to passwords.


With LastPass you can access all your accounts simply with a single-click log in. LastPass is a web app, which is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. It allows you to store all the information in a secured manner by encrypting it locally. The app comes with a screen keyboard option for logins to dissuade hackers and ensures safe import and export of personal data without sharing log in info. LastPass can be downloaded on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone at an annual subscription of $ 12.

McAfee Identity Safe

Mac, Windows, iOS and Android can download McAfee’s free app Identity Safe, which not only saves your passwords but also keeps a note of the sites regularly browsed by you. It measures the safety parameters of these sites and comes with a password generation feature. For more details contact the McAfee support people by dialing McAfee antivirus support number +1(800) 243-0051.

Ilium eWallet

Ilium’s eWallet can be synced to mobile devices like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. It is primarily available for both Mac and Windows. Its time lock feature gives you maximum security and has a built-in password generator. You can even save the back up of your data on an iCloud.


A form-filling app, Roboform is compatible with most devices like Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. You can subscribe to the trial version, which gives 10 logins, free. Once you are hooked, you can download the desktop version for $29.95 and then go on to download it for other devices. It comes with other download options too. It allows you to log on to multiple sites in a single go with the batch login feature.


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