McAfee Secure is your new mate for online transactions

Have you yet heard about the new browser from McAfee? Yes, you’ve read it correct. McAfee, the reputed antivirus brand is now developing an idea of securing all your online transactions; it is offering you a secured browser that you can use to keep your sensitive data safe; Yes, they have named it McAfee Secure


Let us introduce to you the McAfee Secure and show you how it can be of help…

Use McAfee Secure when you have to:

  • Use banking applications
  • Share your banking details and credit card information online
  • Carry out online shopping

McAfee Secure is currently in its Beta stage and users from all over are already waiting with bated breath for the final version to release. It has been set with a host of features and handy tools that aim to make your online transactions fun, easy, and safe.  Here are a few of its salient features that you can look forward to explore:

McAfee Secure is set with state of the art cloud technology that helps secure inbound and outbound traffic

It functions in a Sandboxed mode to keep threats, hackers, phishing sites, and browser hijackers at bay

You can use this browser to shop and carry out banking transactions online

It runs in Full Screen for better visibility and usage and once installed, automatically puts all desktop apps in an inactive mode (disables the apps)

McAfee Secure integrates itself with the antivirus application that you have on your PC and seamlessly works with it

This browser offers a virtual keyboard into which all sensitive information can be typed in, without an issue

It neither supports any add-ins nor does it integrate with other programs to keep you secured all the time

You can bookmark a site and revisit it in just a few clicks

The browser has been designed to identify WI FI hotspots and boosts the security aspect when you most need it

It is also set with an USB Immunizer feature that adds up to the secured environment that the browser provides you

You can customize the browser as per your convenience – let it automatically open when you visit an online banking site or an e-commerce portal

If you do not wish to use it for some time, you can turn it off as well

Last but not the least, it is very light on system resource utility and offers simple navigation features

It enables tabbed browsing but only online banking and shopping websites; it does not allow you to carry out regular web surfing sessions This browser is available for both – 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions

If the above has got you interested, you can install the McAfee Secure installed on your PC right away. All you need doing is signing in with your My McAfee account. If you still do not have one, you can create one via your e-mail or Microsoft account for free. You can also use Facebook or Google to create a My McAfee account.

Use the McAfee Secure and enjoy secured online transacting sessions without having to bother about the prying eyes and snooping noses. You sure deserve the best!!

If you have any query regarding McAfee Secure, you can contact at our McAfee Customer Support by dialing Toll free McAfee Technical Support Number +1800-243-0051.


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