Popcorn Time Ransomware turns the hacked into hackers

In early December the new ransomware “Popcorn Time” was discovered. It gives the victim the option of paying the ransom or infecting two other individuals and getting them to pay. “Popcorn Time” is valid software for streaming movies and collection. The ransom observes offers the victim seven days to pick both choice and the documents can be misplaced for all time.

This is a new, resourceful and a specifically mean type of attack and it’s far certain to put some people in an intricate function. Until, of course, they heed the warnings of the security community, which got to this before we did. In the event that they did, they would have already set up the relevant AV software and all that noise.

In the meantime, the security firm that put us onto this is called MalwareHunterTeam, and it does not seem to be selling us anything.

It has posted statistics approximately the attack on Twitter and probably given the chance the popcorn call due to the fact it’s miles the kind of aspect that might attract spectators because of its merciless audacity.

However, perhaps it isn’t all that bad. A screenshot from the attack says that the ransom money will be used for charitable purposes. These are the kind of people who randomly infect strangers’ computers, but if we took them at their word here, this might be Robin Hood stuff. It is certainly robbing, but is it robbing well?

The ransom note is very revealing. It says that the team are students from war-torn Syria and that users can choose between the option of paying a ransom of 1 bitcoin or infecting different people. It suggests them in a taking mode and an apology mode.

“We are extremely sorry that we [sic] forcing you to pay, but that’s the only way we can keep living,” they say. “The money you gave will be used for food, medicine and shelter to those in need.”

MalwareHunterTeam says that the attack is in its infancy, or isn’t but finished. Optimistically, it won’t make it out of the beginning blocks. Bitcoins are very expensive nowadays and we might discover it tough to slim it right down to just two human beings. Except of course we may want to hearth the attack lower back on the hackers.

All samples related to this ransomware are detected by Intel Security’s endpoint products. Visit at our McAfee customer support webpage to get more details & support.


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