Want to Become Hacker- Hacking Team looks to hire hacker

Following the compromise of 400 GB-worth of databases and emails, and then the subsequent release of those company details, Hacking Team posted a job listing for a “hacker/developer.”

The hacker portion of the job will require the new hire to “discover how to overcome the authentic design of items, hack into them and find their secrets.” The qualified candidate can even have a “strong technical background” and be capable of “deeply recognize how gadgets and software work and to hack them.”


Even though the Italian surveillance software business enterprise does not explicitly say so, the posting in all likelihood pertains to its lack of zero-day vulnerabilities that have been used to effectively undercover agent on targets.  The enterprise stated its arsenal and use of the equipment had been legal, but professionals within the discipline puzzled this, particularly while it changed into showed that authoritarian regimes purchased the software.

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