News- The Number of unique malware families rises 61% over first half of 2017

The quantity of specific malware families determined actively attacking enterprise networks grew sixty one percent from January 2017 to June 2017, with 2,420 distinct threats detected closing month, according to ‘Check point software technologies’ June threats Index.


Check point’s state latest numbers also revealed that the Conficker worm stays the maximum generally used malware, accounting for 14 % of recognized assaults in June. The Sality virus (10 percentage) was 2d at the list and HummingBad, a malware that has already infected at the least eighty five million Android devices, turned into third (6 %). HummingBad was the most commonly used malware in Mobile phones, followed via Iop and XcodeGhost.

“The sustained, big boom within the number of energetic malware households targeting enterprise networks for the duration of the primary half of 2016 highlights the escalating threat tiers that companies are currently dealing with,” stated Nathan Schuchami, head of threat prevention at test factor.

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