How to Unblock a McAfee-Blocked Site?

When you have McAfee Antivirus installed on a PC or Laptop, the program no longer simplest prevents the down load of viruses and hacking tries in your machine, but also presents an integrated function that recognizes potentially risky websites and stops them from opening in your net browser. If McAfee is blockading a website that you recognize to be safe, even though, you may unblock the blocked website and prevent McAfee from blocking off it once more.


Step 1

“Open McAfee Antivirus”. Click the “Parental Controls” heading from the main screen and click the “Edit” button by “Protect Your Family.”

Step 2

Expand the settings for McAfee and click the “Optional Settings” link to open the “Optional Settings” page for that user.

Step 3

Type the website address that you want to unblock through McAfee into the box. “Press the “Allow” button to let your McAfee-protected computer access the website and click the “Add” button to add the website to the permanent list of accepted websites.

Step 4

Add all website that you want to allow one at a time on the “Optional Settings” page and click “Done” once you finish.

Repeat the process for each user that you want to allow to access the website.

Still have any query related to McAfee, contact McAfee technical support phone number +1(800) 243-0051 which is toll free.

McAfee Customer Support Team

USA- (800) 243-0051



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