What Is Scriptproxy for McAfee?

McAfee’s VirusScan software includes a script scanner for added internet safety. The middle of the script-scanning function is a record known as “scriptproxy.dll.” relying on which model of McAfee’s products are being used, users can be induced to allow or disable ScriptProxy via a browser pop-up Window. In other instances, customers may be notified that ScriptProxy has been disabled.


The scriptproxy.dll report is known as into action whilst surfing the internet and traveling a internet site that has ActiveX controls; it checks to make sure the internet site scripts do not include risky viruses. McAfee uses the DLL file to experiment incoming Java and visible primary scripts, too.


Microsoft notes that the DLL file associated with VirusScan employer 8.zero can interfere with a software in a few variations of windows that still runs and procedures energetic X controls. this may cause scripts to fail and certain web sites to emerge as inoperative. Microsoft lists a workaround that deactivates scriptproxy.dll whilst leaving different McAfee services lively. McAfee released a patch to address this trouble in VirusScan organisation eight.eight.zero.

ScriptProxy Browser Messages

If you get a pop-up message related to ScriptProxy, contact our McAfee technical support experts. In net Explorer 9, you will be induced to enable or disable ScriptProxy. Disabling it will prevent you from being capable of specify trusted web sites to be excluded from script scanning, but ScriptScan will hold to function. in case you are the usage of net Explorer 11, the browser’s more advantageous protection Mode, or EPM, can also display a false message pointing out that ScriptProxy is disabled, even when ScriptScan is still scanning. Technician should disable EPM earlier than investigating ScriptScan performance problems.

For instant support and help related to McAfee antivirus, contact our McAfee customer support experts by dialing McAfee customer support phone number +1(800) 243-0051 which is toll free in USA. We’re 24*7 available for assist you.


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