How to Activate McAfee Internet Security Suite?

The McAfee internet security Suite and antivirus programs are products produced by Intel Security (McAfee) to protect PC, Laptop, or Mobiles devices. McAfee requires product activation for all products bought on line or from an in-shop buy. The activation function required for McAfee products allows to limit the terrible effect of software program piracy as well as to make sure your product is well registered with the corporation which will get hold of timely updates and information of computer malware threats that could threaten your protection. Being capable of prompt the McAfee computer protection products is a not unusual challenge for purchasers who purchase their products. In this blog we are going to explain How to activate McAfee Internet Security Suite.


Steps 1

Open your browser and find to the McAfee website (

Steps 2

Click to open “My Account” while you used to purchase your McAfee product. If you have not yet purchased McAfee, then create a new account and log in to make your purchase.

Steps 3

Select the McAfee product which you have purchase and click to download on your PC.

Steps 4

Run the McAfee installation program after completing download from the McAfee homepage.

Steps 5

Enter the activation code provided to you when purchasing your McAfee product when prompted by the McAfee installer followed by the “Activate” menu button. McAfee will now be activated on your computer.

After following these steps you will able to activate your McAfee internet security or McAfee products. If still have any issues for activation your McAfee products please contact McAfee Installation Support.

MCAfee support phone number
McAfee Help Desk 

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